Top 8 imgChili Alternatives For Image Sharing And Editing


If you are an image lover and you loved to capture an impressive image and like to share with people, then this is the exact right place for you, imgChiliis a free image sharing platform available on any platform like windows, macOS, Linux and some other. imgchili offers you can upload a lot of images very quickly, and you can share it with your friends.

Here, you can create folders of several categories to differentiate your images too category wise; it becomes effortless to share pictures with your friends on imgChili. One of the best parts of this site is it provides you with a top privacy function, and it is more secure than others. This type of feature makes “imgChili” unique and amazing platform.

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Top 5 Sites like LiveLeak | GeniusTechi

Sites like LiveLeak

If you are love to share online video platform, then you came to the right place. LiveLeak provides you with a thrilling experience about video sharing as similar Sites like LiveLeakand you loved that. The platform offers you filmy gossip, politics news, sports events, etc. the site is free to use. Still, some of its terms and conditions that are cruel and adult material is not allowed to be published on this platform as similar Sites like LiveLeak.

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