Latest Tech News: Which Smartphone Is on the Top in 2020?

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Analysts at Counterpoint Research have compiled a list of the top ten best-selling smartphones of the year. The iPhone was predictably in the first place – however, it is not only the flagship of the latest year but also not the flagship at all.

Despite the fact that every year Apple makes a lot of effort to release the flagship no worse, or even better than that of competitors in the market, buyers still prefer more budget devices.

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As it turned out, the most popular mobile gadget today is the iPhone XR, which was released a year earlier.

Moreover, the iPhone XR has remained the leader in every quarter since its release, with the exception of the third quarter of 2018, which captured September, the month in which the device was presented.

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The iPhone XR accounted for 3% of the total market. Moreover, this is the most successful Apple technology in all regions of the market. To maintain the high demand for the iPhone XR, the company had to adapt its cost for China and some other markets, but this strategy paid off in the not short-run – the smartphone took a leading position and is not going to give it up yet. But the iPhone 11, released in 2019, has not yet gained popularity – in the top 10 it was only on the fifth line (1.6% of the total market share). The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro and especially the iPhone 11 Pro Max could not get into the top ten most purchased tech.

Gadget News: What About the Second and the Third Places?

The second and third places in the list were Samsung Galaxy A10 (2.6% of the market) and Samsung Galaxy A50 (1.9%), respectively.

Another Samsung is located on the seventh line – this is the Galaxy A20 (1.4%). All these gadgets belong to the A-series, which has good specifications in the middle market segment, as well as an affordable price. These two factors, coupled with a recognizable brand, have become extremely attractive to buyers who this year made their choice in favor of a South Korean vendor.

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The rest of the ranking places were in the hands of Chinese manufacturers. The fourth, sixth and eighth lines were taken by the Oppo brand and its devices A9, A5s and A5. Xiaomi Redmi A7 is in ninth place, and Hindi, according to the latest tech news on 4Promedia, is in tenth, the only flagship in this list. 

In late October, Canalys, a research company, presented a report on mobile device sales, noting that the global computer and smartphone science market for the first time in two years has shown growth – by 1%.

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