Blockchain Changes Dating Community and Here’s How

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Dating used to be something particular, something that involved a relationship, family. It was never a natural choice to make up with one person and break up with another, but for now, dating turned into something fast, multi-faceted, and consumerism-esque.


Dating used to be for older people who can’t make friends on their own, but with the presence of Tinder and other online dating titans, it is a way to seek a partner for a quick golf game, a booty call, or a life-long decision to settle in. Good thing times are changing, and so do we.

Moreover, not only it is not shameful anymore, but it is also one of the most preferred ways of making acquaintances with people. By 2017, almost 30% of the US population has tried online dating at some point in their lives. We wonder how tables will turn in 2019.

Why are Dating Sites so Popular? 

Because they take away all guessing and wondering, all beating around the bush. You know if you’re on a dating site, your interlocutor has the same intentions as you. You know that they are single, so the struggle to be turned down is much smaller. Besides that, if you are “the prey,” at least you are sitting by your computer screen, safe and sound.

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Dating Websites are Getting Better


Sites used to be for engagement purposes only. A long time ago, our ancestors used OkCupid to find the love of their lives. But it doesn’t suit everyone. What if we say that many people want to have fun and have a good evening in a company if a cute person? It is how sites like PlentyOfFish emerged.

For now, you could seek out lovers. From now on, hookup culture is a real thing; it is a true savior for thirsty teenagers and people over 50. Dating drifted to peoples’ phones, enabling Twitter and Bumble to infiltrate into our lives. Companies are about to introduce artificial intelligence and replication features into dating, making it even more advanced and real.

What are the Odds?

The main problem with dating sites for now is having too many options. There isn’t a single dating site that couldn’t satisfy at least someone’s needs. People are presented with too many websites, and most of them are popular and have excellent reviews.

For example, with the presence of blockchain now, you can create even a broader spectrum of options by allowing yourself taking dating to the next level. Cryptographic campaigns like PonderApp can allow you are pairing guys who you think are entirely compatible. Besides, from now on, crypto helped people to build stronger communities, based on hobbies, religion, or outlooks. It brings soulmates together, which allows them to build a strong bond for life.

What the Future Holds?

There are too many dating sites for now. If you know something about the economy, if you have too much offer which overpowers the need, the service completely drops down into a half-ass business. Indeed, why doing excellent quality service if the annual revenue won’t drop down because of all the hype?

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By doing better service and improving the quality and safety of dating sites, we won’t have too many booty calls, absurd sexualization. We will help others with finding their special soulmate #for_life. We will also help the system sift through luscious people who only want your money and property, report on criminals, and make the world a better place!

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