8 Top Games like Huniepop [2019]

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This is a very popular adult game and a combination of a dating sim and tile matching puzzle game. Games like Huniepop is follow a character with different women who have distinct personalities. Into this game player interacts with woman by giving them gifts and talking to them.

 Games like Huniepop is as popular as candy crush and the craze of the game is in all over the world and also all over the world people like this game crazily. Here, into this game whenever player cleared the rounds and achieves more and moves ahead there are more chance to taking the women went out on date and having with enjoy with them. So, here are top eight Games like Huniepop that you will surely enjoy.

8 Top Games like Huniepop [2019]

1#. Little Witch Romanesque

Here, this game gives a player two young witches to train them and learn new skills. So, player can ready to compete various tasks and in between story add some adult scenes just like Games like Huniepop that makes you thrilled about this game and we damn sure you loved this game.

2#. Shira Oka: Second Chances

Shira Oka: Second Chances is one of the most popular game because of its related to its high school plot. Most interesting things about this game are it involves player in storytelling and role playing and its school graphic visuals give them charming appeal. This one is best alternative of Games like Huniepop and this game achieved similar popularity.

3#. Celestial Crossing

This is a very popular game where you can enjoy fantasies and reality of adultness. Celestial Crossing game is very popular among school students they loved to played all night and sleep all day. Moreover this game has high popularity all over the world like Games like Huniepop. You have to play the game now to know what interesting about this game and take a live experience of your fantasies.

4#. Sengoku Rance

This game is widely recognized dating simulation “Games like Huniepop”. Sengoku rance game’s story is about one strong and rude warrior named rance and his main target is Romance. One advantage about this game is providing along with dating simulation game you will love a little puns and comic moments in between this game.


This is a very popular visual novel game for adults and teens and Roommates is the answer you’re looking for if you want games like Huniepop. Roommate is a single player game that allows you to choose your warrior depending on the Romance you prefer: quiet and shy Anne or the rebellious Max. This game start from the first day of college and you has to share the house with your roommates. Moreover, this game experience you a real life virtual romance.

6#. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

This is one of the best games like Huniepop is very popular Matchmaker game for adults and teens. The game begins with Kitty Powers as she launches a new branch of her matchmaking business and players work as a matchmaker and responsible to find perfect match. Once you find perfect matches you then arrange a date for them and guide them through the game.

7#. Coming Out On Top

Coming out of top is a gay themed dating simulation game and all about college students who comes to his roommates and flirt with guy and have Romance and also get drunk. This is really entertaining game and script is worth to playing it. If you are true fan of games like Huniepop, I bet you will surely gonna enjoy it so much.

8#. Leisure Suit Larry

It is a top fantasies and adult rated video “games like Huniepop” released in 2014. Leisure Suit Larry is all about a one man named Larry and his motivation is seduce women. Your work is helping him out and into the game nudity, Romance, drinking and lot of fun. I bet you won’t be able to refuse yourself from playing this adult game.

Final Words

I hope you guys will love our list of top 8 games like Huniepop. This all of above games is a best and top alternative of games like Huniepop; you won’t be able to refuse yourself from playing these games.

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