Must-Take Photos During Your Dream Wedding

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Wedding photos are among the crucial parts of your wedding day. While planning for your big day, a photo plan should be one of the priorities. Wedding photos bring lifetime memories and enable you to cherish a moment that goes by like a flash. Your photographer must capture every part, from the moment you start getting ready to the end of the big day.

However, it is vital to find a wedding photographer with the required skills and enough experience to get quality photos. You can ask for previous shots from your preferred photographer to prove the provider’s work. Friends and relatives can also suggest the best-known photographers.

Must Take Photos During Your Dream Wedding

There are many essential photos you need to have for your wedding, which include:


Brides take a lot of time choosing and purchasing wedding accessories to ensure they are unique and perfect for the gown. Whether new or borrowed, make sure your photographer captures all the accessories.

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Preparation moments

The wedding gown is an essential material to capture in your wedding photos. Your photographer can capture the dress before and after wearing it. You can request your mum or maid to zip in the gown as the image is being taken.

Bridal portrait

This moment allows you to show off your entire wedding dress. Put on your best smile to reveal excitement on your big day. The photographer can help you with the best pose to capture the complete outfit for an excellent bridal portrait.

Bridal bouquet

You can hold your bouquet and take photos in different poses. The photographer can also capture the flowers at varying glowing locations. Ensure the colors of the bouquet match that of your preferred location for excellent photos.

Bridal party

Mainly bridal maids include closest friends. Make sure you get the best captions as you smile or laugh. The photos will bring back good memories over the years.

The groom

Taking a groom’s photo is one of the most crucial photos at a wedding. You can complement your groom before taking a pic. The photographer can bring in ideas for suitable poses.

Couple portraits

After you and your partner exchange vows, go to a secluded location for a couple of photos. It is the best chance to spend with your lover and get photos of just the two of you. You can spice up the pictures with different poses like holding hands or kissing.

Ring and vows exchange

The vows and ring exchange are the most crucial sections of a wedding. Make sure the photographer captures every moment in this period. The ring and vow exchange bring the best memories of your wedding.

First kiss

The first kiss during a wedding mostly happens after couples exchange vows and rings. Your photographer must be keen not to miss this significant moment. The photographer should also capture the smiles or laughs after the kiss.

Wedding party

Ensure your photographer captures all the attendees in one photo during the wedding party. The photographer can take pictures of different groups if there are too many people. The photographer should take shots during funny moments like dancing.

Young kids

Every bride desires to take a pic with the flower girl. The photos can be natural, looking down on the little one, squatting, or showing some love. You can spice up the pic with flowers from other bridesmaids.

Ceremony site

Ensure your photographer captures the site where your wedding takes place. The photographer can capture these shots before and after people settle in. The provider can also take photos of different sections at varying times for memories.

Table and food setting

The food and drinks section is another part you want to remember. Your photographer should capture the table and place setting. The photographer should take photos before and after guests arrive.

The cake

Everyone looks forward to the cake cutting and eating section. A pic of the whole cake before cutting is vital in a wedding. The photographer should capture when you and your partner are cutting and eating the cake.

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The dance party

The party is the final part of the wedding. Let the photographer capture these enjoyable moments with your partner and guests. These photos show how much you enjoyed and loved the wedding day.

Wedding photos are the best way to create lifetime memories of your wedding day. Ensure you have a skilled and experienced photographer for the best shots.

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