How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Errors? [Top Method]

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Phone not allowed mm#6 are basally this Problem are created to you buy a new phone on EMI also a second-hand phone. After you see massage Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Errors, this Problem for phone tethering and carrier of the phone, this tiny Problem, don’t worry this article I explain different methods to solve Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error.

Phone Not Allowed MM6 Errors

About Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error

However, much time you see a message on your mobile ‘Phone Not Allowed MM#6’ Error this is code determines your phone is still tethered to many carriers also you have an unlocked phone. Sometimes, this problem ‘Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error’ shows below how this possible.

1. Your new phone is untethered before you use it.

2. Your current card is still collaborating.

3. SIM insert Problem.

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How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Errors? [Top Method]

MM#6 Errors

Method 1: Carefully insert SIM card

Step 1: First, switch off your phone.

Step 2: After, take out your SIM card from your phone.

Step 3: After 5 minutes.

Step 4: Then, Try to re-insert the SIM card.

Step 5: After, restart your phone.

Step 6: then, check massage Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error show or not.

Step 7: Done.

Method 2: Automate Network Selection

Step 1: Now, First, you go to your phone setting.

Step 2: After, See option for data usage.

Step 3: then, move to a mobile network.

Step 4: After, choose preferred sim card option.

Step 5: Then, turn it to Automatic.

Step 6: Restart your phone.

Step 7: Done.

Method 3: Update Device

Step 1: First, Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2: After, Click on option.

Step 3: Then, click on the software update. 

Step 4: After, Check for updates.

Step 6: Then, restart your phone.

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Method 4: Contact the carrier

However, you can see error code on your mobile ‘Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error’ after you can contact the carrier. This is sure to help you with this problem. Also guiding you or suggesting you best idea. Also, you can try to dial a specific number ‘*#78# to provide the best help for you.

Final Words

However, the above mentioned all method for How to Remove Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Errors. You can try this method that is best helpful for you.

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