Top 6 PokeHuntr Alternatives for Pokemon Go

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It is one of the best applications for Pokémon Go that gives all the information about this game. One of the best things about The PokeHuntr is that you can see Pokémon around you without go to any place. But you have to do is that open this application and enter your current location.

PokeHuntr Alternatives

However, “PokeHuntr” is location fetching speed from the Google map also very well and quick. It shows its server’s database is nearly as simple as Pokémon GO. Moreover, you to the back of a line to see an upcoming version, serving up a reserved form current situation.

Top 6 PokeHuntr Alternatives for Pokémon Go

1. Pokevision

PokeVision is an excellent site similar to the “PokeHuntr,” which offers you the same entertainment and gameplay as other game platforms provide. It is the best instruction site for Pokémon go game that offers you the real-time location of Pokémon and the measure of time you need to find them. Overall this is the best alternative site for you.

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2. PokeWhere


PokeWhere is another best similar site like PokeHuntrand it is free to use. The main work of this application is that it shows you the real-time location of Pokémon around your area or neighborhood. It is one of the most straightforward apps that guide you to find Pokémon. With the help of this application, you can find Pokémon anytime, anywhere in the world.

3. Pokecrew

It is one of the best applications, similar to PokeHuntr, which is a viral application for Pokémon lovers. It helps you to find Pokémon and shows the real-time distance to it. Pokecrew has new functionality, and simple user interface with totally free to use app that you can access it all around the world. Pokémon nearby will be icon along with their distance timer on the map.

4. PokiiMap

Similar to the PokeHuntr, it provides you with a lot of new feature options that you can use to customize your time and place. PokiiMap will help you to find the Pokémon with instruct you when there are enemies Pokémon close you. This site is specially designed for Pokémon lovers who want to find Pokémon anytime, anywhere in the world.

5. PokeMesh


PokeMesh is another Pokemon Go instruction app like “PokeHuntr” for finding Pokemon anywhere around the world. This application is used to decide the place of Pokemon in the area that you are searching for. Despite the actual fact that it’s necessary, but it’s exceptionally useful, and there is also an alert feature when Pokemon is finding nearby you. Aside from useful to go looking for Pokemon within the area, you’ll be able to enter the search for the Pokemon that you just want.

6. PokeFinder

PokeFinder is a pokemon Go instruction application that allows you to find Pokemon very easily with the help of an app. It is one of the best alternatives to PokeHuntr and offers lots of new features and tools that make your user experience double. If there’s a minimum number of users in your local place, it’s going to have the capability to fill you in supporting whether or not it’s even despite your area to travel out chasing in a precise real-time location, and also the best thanks to amazing whether or not it’s given on is to transfer it and see.

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Final Words

Here, we have the top 6 best alternatives of PokeHuntr, which gives you the same gameplay experience as other apps provide. Above mention all the “PokeHuntr” options you can use while this site is not running well or under the technical issue. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, then tell us in the comment section below. 

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