Top 7 CricFree Alternatives [Online Sports Streaming]

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CricFree is the best online sports streaming website which provides you a many sports channels. Also, CricFree is a free online streaming site where you can watch any of your favorite live sports matches from anywhere around the world. One of the most amazing parts about this site is that it provides a chat section where you can discuss sports-related things with other sports lovers across the world.


However, “CricFree” has an easy to use user interface and simple navigation system with category wises simple you have to click on the sports which you want to watch. Moreover, there is not required any registration process or amount to pay for watching live matches. It is the best option for all sports lovers.

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7 Top CricFree Alternatives [Online Sports Streaming]

So, here is the list of Top 7 Cricfree Alternatives [Online Sports Streaming]

1. SportP2P Cricfree

If you are a true CricFree fan, I bet you won’t be able to refuse yourself from visiting this exotic site. It is one of the best platforms to provide you with live sports streaming around the world. SportP2P is mostly famous for football matches streaming from across the globe. Moreover, the site requires not any charge for live streaming.

2. WiziWig


If you love cricket and football, Wiziwig is an excellent site similar to the CricFree, which offers you the same experience as some other sports channel provide. It is an online source for getting the live streaming of most of the popular sports and games for free. It is primarily the provider of sports streaming around the world and provides live sports TV channels and online sports streaming from across the globe.

3. SportStream

Cricfree Alternative
It is one of the best online sport streaming sites like “CricFree” and popular among sports lovers. Here, on the SportStream, you can watch any ongoing matches from any time anywhere around the world. It is primarily available for a sportsperson who wants to up to date with the daily sports matches.

4. Sport365

Sport 365 Live

Sport365 is a live sport streaming like CricFree to the platform where you can find the live streaming of the sports matches that are played across the world in different countries. It is one of the free and accessible online streaming sites which you can watch anywhere across the globe. The site provides you various genres, such as Cricket, Football, Baseball, wrestling, tennis, racing, and some others.

5. New Soccer

New Soccer

As the name suggests, this site mainly focuses on football a match; that’s why the name of the site is New Soccer. It is one of the most popular platforms for football lovers because it provides live streaming of football matches and football tournaments for free. Moreover, the sites offer you a facility to live scoreboard along with living matches that are the best features of the website, similar to CricFree.

6. VIPLeague


It is an online sport streaming channel to watch live sports matches. Mostly it uses in the category of cricket, football, hockey, racing, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and some others. VIPLeague is one of the best choices for those who want to enjoy free sports streaming live on their computer, mobile, iPad, or any other device that support internet connection. One of the best parts of VIPLeague is that it has its streaming system like CricFree.

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Final Words

I hope you read carefully above listed all the similar sites like CricFree, and that gives you the same live sports streaming feel as CricFree. If you have any best place for online sports streaming, then tell us in the comment section below.

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