Top 6 Free Websites For Listening to Music

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Back in the days, only two ways of listening to music were available. You could go to a record store to buy your favorite albums, or you could tune to your local radio station and hear whatever song happened to be playing.

Today, like many other things, digital technology has offered you easy and free ways to download and listen to music. One can easily download music videos and convert these videos into mp3 to play them in the background while working. Significant music software and apps have made listening to music cheaper.

Today listening to music has become a vital part of our lives. Almost all of us listen to music during daily runs, commute, and even when one is trying to sleep or relax.

These days we have several ways to listen to music offline and online. One can easily convert youtube to mp3 or download music albums free of cost.

Top 6 Free Websites For Listening to Music

Here is the list of websites where one can listen to music both offline and online.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online platform where you can listen to music without paying a single penny. You can search for bands, artists, tracks, songs, and podcasts.

SoundCloud also allows you to explore music by genre, or you can find out a list of songs that are trending. It also allows you to follow the other users or friends with similar music tastes and let you create your own playlist.

2. YouTube Music

YouTube is considered the most popular platform that allows users to listen and watch music videos free of cost. One can get access to any music album. Today even one can convert YouTube videos into mp3.

Check to convert your favorite music album into mp3 so you can play them into the background while performing any task on your device.

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3. Deezer

Deezer is very much similar to its competitors, and Spotify. This website gets you access to thirty-five million songs to listen to here. You need to sign in to choose any genre or artist you like. One can even enjoy a playlist created by the other users, or you can create your own playlist.

4. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a platform for lengthy audios such as podcasts, DJ’s music sets, or radio shows. It is an excellent website for those who perform well and feel energetic when they listen to music while working. Mixcloud also allows its users to create their own playlists here.

5. Musicovery

Musicovery is a colorful and bright music website that lets you find the music appropriate to your mood. You can select any genre of any artist of your choice. Moreover, this website allows you to pick a mood, and it will recommend your music according to your mood. If you want to ban some songs or shuffle songs, then register yourself.

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6. TuneIn

It is a free streaming music website. It is simple to find out the global and local radio stations here. News, songs, talk genres, sports can help you to find out any radio station and you’ll get results ranging from soft to rock music to news to sports.

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