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Kik is one of the most popular messaging applications or tools that is been used by many people across the world to stay in touch. Even though this app is very efficient, there’re some modified versions of this app that are created and users will be able to install to use rather than the normal Kik application. Modified, also known as modded Kik were created by the coders who change this app in order to make this work differently.

Lynx Kik Modded Kits

The modded app may have a different look, different speed, or some extra features. Certain mods also make this app much safer to employ if security is the major issue for you. Even though you might be fast to improve the app with a few mods, you must be totally aware that mods aren’t authorized. Here we will look at some of the top lynx modded Kik apps that are the most popular ones.

1. Ghostkik

Ghostkik is the popular mod that alters an app to be much faster experience over Kik. One more feature you will enjoy from the mod is its highly efficient data use whereas still having the comfort and working changed app. The mod is favorite for a lot of people as it creates a streamlined experience for the modded Kik app.

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2. Lynx Kik APK

The Lynx Kik Mods arguably is the highly popular mods in the market. Lynx is the group of developers who independently creates modded versions of different apps If you’re confused which Kik mod to go for from these then answer is very simple, Lynx Remix. It is an all-in-one app version that has all the amazing features of other Kik mods. Find the list of features that Lynx Mods provide.

  • Save media in gallery
  • UI customization
  • New Chat Emoji
  • Activate DND
  • Import Saved Themes
  • Read Reports
  • Stealth Mode

3. Matrik3

Matrik3 is the cosmetic mod; but, there are some features that alter the user experience. You will disable the read receipts, disable “Is typing” notification, downloading images, or use unique emoticons. There’s also the spam blocker and fake camera feature, which works really well. It is the mod that crashes at times, but overall the users appear to have an amazing experience. Here is the list of Matrik3 features.

  • Disable Auto Downloads
  • Disable or Enable Read Receipts
  • Fake Camera Feature for Spoof Live Videos
  • Disable any ‘is typing’ Notification
  • Delete Sent Messages
  • Anti-Spam Blocker for Filter Unwanted Messages

4. Pikik2

Pikik2 is the modded Kik that fixes several shortcomings of Kik. Data use is quite efficient. Lags that the users experience when using Kik were totally removed, so the performance of this app is much better. You also can disable the read receipts, stop “is typing” notifications, or have URLs in chats. Also, in case you are looking for extra security measures, then you may disable the forwarding settings.

5. Pikek

Pikek kit mod is the highly popular Lynx Kik mods at present. You will be able to make the interface changes, modify the profile image or change font size, background and color. For such reason, lots of users have already installed this modded version. The UI changes will include:

  • Editing UI elements
  • Changing Backgrounds
  • Changing primary & secondary colors of the app
  • Swapping Kik Fonts

6. NullKik

NullKik Kik mod is cosmetic as it changes how the app feels and looks. The app changes its background, UI, and font. These tweaks make this app work very well and make a unique user experience.

7. CryKik

CryKik is one very popular version of the Lynx modded Kik messenger. If you are using CryKik, it opens many new features for you and here is the list of CryKik features:

  • Bot Support
  • Fake Camera Support
  • Auto Changing and updating Smileys
  • Updated UI
  • Delete messages
  • Read Receipt Modifications

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There are many other mods available, however, you must be very careful when you are downloading them as most of them might have malware. You need to ensure that you are downloading it from the reliable source as well as beware of what app tries getting the permission to access.

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