Moving With Kids: How Do You Make It Stress-Free?

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Moving to what we all consider a “dream home” is everyone’s dream – especially once you’ve married the person of your dreams, and you’ve decided to have a family. Why, it’s so great waking up to a bed in a room you yourself designed, in a home you and the love of your life have worked so hard to attain. This is everyone’s dream – a home where the family can tackle all of life’s challenges knowing they all have a place to go back to. So you’re staring at your new home, excited to finally move in with the family and your kids. And that’s when you realize the full extent of your situation… Before you live in your dream home, you still have to move.

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How exactly are you going to be moving with kids? If you have full-time work and your kids are full-time students, isn’t that difficult? Well, not necessarily. Here are some quick-moving tips for you: 

  • Secure your paperwork and other necessary documents early on. If you know you’re moving with kids, you need to clarify and settle the heavy parts of the logistics early on. We’re not discussing moving things around – we’re not here yet. Rather, we’re talking about settling paperwork or necessary parts of securing your home, such as certification and licenses for movers Manhattan NYC, or even utilities. This is especially considering fixing documents and paperwork can actually take a lot of time. If you know you’re moving with kids, try to secure these documents very early on so you and your kids can focus on packing and moving around.

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  • Organize a family trip near your new neighborhood. One way to help your kids be more familiar with your new neighborhood is through organizing a trip or even a staycation in your new town. This allows your kids to be more familiar with the places they’ll be able to visit and go to near your new home. If your kids feel hesitant switching schools or being in a new environment, spending time with the family in these locations can help ease their anxiety and help them be more acquainted with their new environment. This also gives you time to buy essentials such as new furniture or even moving and packing tools.
  • Assign inventory tasks to everyone. Instead of relying on yourself and even your partner to organize the inventory for your home, you may want to task everyone to do it. If you have teenagers or older children, you can ask them to help pack their things in your old home and be the ones responsible for unpacking them in the new home. The important part here, really, is to organize the inventory of your home so you know what you’ll be bringing, what can be sold, and what can be thrown away. Having this in mind can easily be a reference should you want to hire professionals (as some moving companies create quotations based on weight).
  • Create a schedule according to your routine. A lot of people tend to “transform” their schedules to make sure they fit the move. This can lead to a lot of disastrous consequences, such as losing your work, or even having your kids’ grades affected. Instead of organizing your routine around your move, you should instead schedule your move around your routine. This means you should only schedule things related to the move during your free time, or only when really necessary. Maximize your paid time offs, sick leaves, vacation leaves, or even your free time by dedicating them to the move. And when your kids have free time of their own, they can help with the move as well. 
  • Hire professionals for more manpower. Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you should rely on ourselves to conduct the move. If you have the budget, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance for aspects of your move. For instance, you can research on the best interstate moving and storage teams to help with your moving concerns, or you can even seek out interior designers to ensure your home has a great interior look without you having to worry about mixing and matching designs.

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Moving With Your Kids Can Be Fun!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that moving with your kids can actually be a fun activity. In fact, if you do this right, you can actually turn this moment into a way to bond with your family and your children. Don’t forget, successful moves rely on excellent planning and research. And if you’re moving with your kids, you need to be more on-point with your plan and schedule, especially if you want the move to be as comfy as possible for your kids.

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