Who Makes the Best Router Table?

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Are you looking for the best router table online? You might have realized they come in different features, prices, and styles to look at. In case, it is your first time, then it will be really tough to tell which router is the good one, and which do not live to their price. With the help of the router table, you can use both your hands and guide the wood whereas the router does the thing.

Router Table

It allows you to be precise with your work and shaping, and feel safer doing the work. There are many options for finding an ideal router table in the market; however, we know this will really daunting. So, here we have come up with the list of top 5 best router table companies in the market.

1. Bosch Table

Bosch is all-rounder with fantastic durability and amazing customer reviews. Bosch router tables are made to fit on any bench that you have, and is simple to work and portable. It is definitely one of the best choices if you have the Bosch router or other tools from the range since it has got special mounting tool for their machinery. There’s the dust collection area that make it simple to clean up when you’re finished with the project.

2. Skil Router Table

Skil offers an amazing budget router table option if you need the full-sized table that fulfills your routing requirements. This saves space with the storage containers for the accessories you use with the router. Clamp system is made to be easy and fast, helping you make fast work of the routing tasks.

There’re two feather boards included that will help you to guide your wood over the router. This router mount fits many different machines as well as has adjustable bits for making it as simple as possible – particularly if you change router at certain point in future. Base is made from hard wearing plastic & tabletop is MDF that has smooth laminate coating – ideal for gliding the wood along.

3. Kreg Professional

Kreg precision routing system can provide the users with enclosed aluminum fence, which provides the best level of precision. And dust is minimized with the table’s design, it means less coughing & fewer safety worries. Its MDF top is not the best one, but absorbs vibration well that improves an accuracy of every cutting pass.

The individual fence faces will work as the vertical jointer in case preferred by user. It is sturdy, strong, and gets its job done – for this reason, Kreg earns our high recommendation.

4. Bench Dog

The best thing of Bench Dog model is its dual fence design is very useful. You will flip a fence over so that table will accept the larger panels without completely disassembling a router table.

The twin steel rails will support router for the added strength, and giving you the consistent surface with laminate flattop, which can allow you to keep every piece in proper place while you track & cut with proper precision. The table supports complete range of the router applications. There’re slots that will help you to craft the precision joint.

5. Jessem

If you want to step up the routing skills, Jessem offers the best and complete table system, which can help to make this happen. This fits most of the cylinder router motors as well as supports the working piece with phenolic table and aluminum extruded track & T-track.

Fence is aluminum as well as features adjustable fence faces. The stand is actually made from the steel and has got lower and upper stretchers, providing strength, which is beyond compare in the category. Stability of Jessem router table is unmatched, particularly because its steel stand helps to absorb the pressure as well as creates the flat cutting surface. The only downside is that it appears to be costlier than other models in the market.


Thus, these router tables will offer you specific benefits over the handheld router. You will be able to make the specific joinery cuts over the stiles and rails, cut the raised panels, and start routing the narrow stock. The router table cuts fast and leaves you free for every minute adjustments, and something not easily done when you one hand should be wrapped firmly over the router every time.

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