4 Online Tools to Help You Find Work

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There are multiple different forms that a career can take, although it’s easy and natural to think about it in the traditional ‘9-5 office job’ way.

Freelance work is one such example of a career option that doesn’t involve strict hours and can allow a person to drive their career in the direction they want. For many people, just having the ability to exercise more control over time is why they are drawn to it. 

However, you might find yourself wondering why everyone doesn’t just shift over to this model if it’s got so much to offer. Outside of personal preference, many people might struggle with the fluctuating amount of work and how difficult it can be to find work to begin with, making your financial situation an uncertain one.

Fortunately, through various online tools that are geared toward people looking for work, it’s easier than ever to sculpt out a career in your ideal image.

Online Tools

  • Job Boards

The term ‘freelance work’ doesn’t actually describe the nature of your job, of course, so it could be just about anything. Naturally, then, when you go looking for work, you’re going to want to find a site or job board that specifically pertains to what field you’re interested in. For writing, you’ll have sites like Upwork, but what about if you’re not interested in freelance work? Industry-specific job boards aren’t specific to freelance work, and if you’re looking for something more stable, you’ll likely be able to find what you want without too much difficulty. As much as it might not initially seem like it, this extends equally throughout different lines of work – with as much opportunity for physical jobs as there is for careers that can be conducted remotely.

Sometimes, though, you have to be willing to get more specific. If you have a good idea of the kind of job that you want to do or who you want to do it with, you can tailor your search in that direction to get more results. If you’re interested in Class A driver jobs in Kansas City at 24/7 Express Logistics, you can take the search directly to their website or (if nothing’s available) tailor your search until you find something similar enough to appeal to you.

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  • Shared Experience

Part of what makes the internet valuable is the ability that it has to connect people. This is likely something that you experience through social media and talking to your loved ones, but it can also manifest itself here. When you’re trying to understand what kind of career you should pursue or how you can go about it, the lessons learned by others who have been in your shoes are more readily available. Not only is this knowledge something that you can acquire more easily, but the steps that you’re advised to take can be as well – through online courses and ease of travel when it comes to getting the qualifications and experience that you need to take you where you want to go. Sometimes, this will be something that you have to pursue in your own time; other times, you might find you’re able to align your personal ambitions with the training you’re offered at work.

  • Social Media and Networking

Social media might well be what you think of first when it comes to online communication, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t pertain to helping you find a new job. LinkedIn is an example of a social media platform that can double as a job board, for example, but that’s not all that it’s capable of. You can also use this platform for the purposes of networking in order to connect with those who might be able to further your career in one way or another. Sometimes, you might find that it’s not even talking to anybody that’s the helpful part; instead, just being able to see the career trajectory of someone who is now in a line of work that you’re aiming for can be enough to inform your next move.

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  • Refining Your CV

As frustrating as it can be to have your access to the career that you want blocked off by the process of having to apply, get to the interview stage, and follow on with everything that’s involved with that from there, you still want to give yourself the best chance of success. The way that you’re going to do this from the get-go is to refine your CV – it allows you to make the best possible impression on those that you’re applying to. There are several online services that can provide feedback on your CV, allowing you to also examine other successful examples so that you can edit your own into something more confident and effective at what it’s aiming to be. This allows you to build a solid foundation that all of your subsequent job applications can be built off of, even if you end up tweaking it slightly for certain applications.

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