Professional Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Productivity

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What is non-fiction writing? This is an understanding of how to write a note to the boss or a business proposal for potential investors, write a nonfiction article for a corporate blog, fill out a grant request and much more. Even these few examples demonstrate that such knowledge is useful to almost everyone today.

A group of business writers from – essay writing service recommends some tips that will make non-fiction more intelligible and appealing.

Business Writing Productivity

#1. Read great writers

Almost every article on improving business writing skills contains this tip: read great writers. Good writing is impossible without reading. Some bad writers often wonder why their texts are of no interest to anyone. They forget about this simple rule.

Read for the following reasons:

  • For inspiration;
  • To grasp the art of language;
  • To learn effective writing techniques;
  • Evaluate how the text works.

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#2. Be a critical reader

You need to read a lot, but not passively. Remember: you should always pay conscious attention to what you are reading. It means:

  • Conduct a little research before sitting down for a book (for example, Wikipedia articles).
  • If there are strange words in the text, you need to immediately find out their meanings.
  • Emphasize interesting words, phrases, phrases. Then write them in your notebook.
  • At the end of the book, you need to devote 20-30 minutes to summarize and evaluate it.

#3. Design your own style

Own style will help your texts stand out. A person pays attention to everything unusual, so it makes sense to experiment, seek, adhere to and develop one’s own style of writing. Your style may consist of the following:

  • The choice of words.
  • The ability to combine words in a certain way.
  •  An original view of the world.
  • Having your own opinion.

#4. Learn a few new words a day

Having enough vocabulary is one of the best ways to improve writing. You can increase it by learning new words daily. There are many ways to do this. One of them is to simply open the dictionary every morning and select a few unfamiliar words. Immediately you need to learn how to apply them in the right context, so make meaningful sentences from them.

#5. Write with authority

No one will take you seriously if you do not take yourself seriously. Since you have begun to write a text for the public, make sure that there is no uncertainty in it.

#6. Understand clearly why you are writing

Each time you sit down at the text, determine your goal. What do you hope to achieve with this post or essay? Take a look at the following:

Are you trying to convince readers to take concrete steps? Is your goal to entertain? Explain the idea? Accordingly, the manner of submitting the letter is also chosen.

#7. Sketch outline

A scheme is an action plan; all human efforts require a proper plan. Without a diagram, the text risks becoming a set of unrelated sentences and in the end, you simply fail the key conclusion. Therefore, the scheme is needed so that you constantly keep in mind the key thoughts and do not forget why you took up the pen.

#8. Keep phrases short

So that the reader does not get bored, you must change the length of the sentences. But there is an average recommendation – your sentences should contain about 20 words.

Is distraction a friend or enemy?

Yes, the answer to this question is not entirely clear, although most often this is the second option. Unnecessary tabs in the browser or sound notifications on the phone – all this makes it difficult to concentrate on work. Therefore, the best way would be to completely get rid of them.

However, human attention is a depleted resource. According to various estimates, after 20-40 minutes it begins to dissipate and you will feel resistance in work. It’s time to take a short break and get distracted: do a few physical exercises, have a bite, have a word with someone, or listen to music. This will allow the brain to recover, and after such a break, it will certainly please you with new ideas.

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Top 3 helpers to make your business writing better

  1. MindMeister. Platforms: Web, Android, iOS. Cost: free or from $ 5 per month for an unlimited number of cards. MindMeister is a convenient cloud service for creating mental maps. With it, you can, for example, build a plot diagram or visualize the relationship between several characters.
  2. OneNote. Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS. Cost: Free. It is a service for storing notes from Microsoft. When working on a book, you can save and structure ready-made snippets of text in OneNote – they will be available on all your devices through the cloud. If you need to make changes, the built-in formatting tools will come to the rescue. Plus, OneNote is integrated with Word and other company services.
  3.  iA Writer. Cross-platform iA Writer is a minimalistic text editor designed specifically for writers. So that nothing would distract the authors from creativity, the developers removed almost all elements from the interface, except for a blank sheet. In iA Writer, you can write without connecting to the network, and in online mode, the program synchronizes documents with other devices through the cloud. It is also worth noting the night theme and the ability to save files in HTML, DOCX and PDF formats.

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