Things That can go Wrong When Hiring a Resume Writer

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For the past few decades, resume writing has been quite a thing. Most ambitious and successful people trust expert resume writers with their resumes. Hiring a resume writing expert saves you from toiling hard over writing a resume.

You just have to provide relevant pieces of information to the writer, and the resume will be ready to be mailed. However, before hiring, here are a few things that can go wrong with a hired resume writer.

Resume Writer

What can go Wrong?

  • Missed deadline:

The most hazardous issue in the field of professional writing is the issue of deadlines. If you want to send your resume to some office, you might want it done before a certain date. So, make yourself clear regarding the date of delivery. Normally, a standard resume writer takes five to seven days to write a quality resume. Make sure, that both of you are on the same page in case of the delivery date.

Missed deadline

  • Wrong structure:

Different jobs require different resumes. The structure differs for each occasion. Although the professional resume writers know the structures very well, you should be clear about the structure you prefer. The font, writing style and tone of the writing can be suggested by you if not specified.

  • The quality of the writer:

Basically, there is not much opportunity for you to check the quality of the writer beforehand. However, it is much important that you check it. So go for the qualification of the resume expert. If the qualification of the writer is not given clearly on the website, there must be something fishy.

quality of the writer

There is a chance that the educational profile of the writer is false. In that case, go through the sample writings of the writer. If samples are not uploaded on the website, do not hesitate to ask for samples. This way, you can be sure of the true quality of the writer.

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  • The service provider may not be authentic:

There are many companies out there who are not as authentic as they appear to be. Sometimes, there is a good website, cordial contact person, and an assurance of the best service. However, promises can vanish into thin air if you were not cautious. You may run the risk of money fraud and identity theft (as you might give them your precious information). Moreover, you can miss a good opportunity if you do not get the promised resume. So, before any commitment, thoroughly check the information of the service provider. If possible, try to contact a current client of the writer.

  • The rate may not be reasonable:

Writing may sound like a simple job but it takes a huge amount of expertise. Anything that has good quality comes with its own price. So, the rate of hiring a resume writer may seem high at first. However, do not hire a resume writer before a little market survey. Try to contact at least two to three services before finalization. If the rate is absurdly high, it may be a con. On the other hand, if the rate is absurdly low, you might have a doubt about the quality of the work.

  • Are they the best?

Besides the rate, you may also do this survey to compare the quality of their writings. You can compare the sample writings, deadline reputation, and the experience of the clientele of the different companies. If the writer is contacting you personally, you can ask professional questions. After all, you would want to commit to the best writer in town. Don’t you?

  • The contract:

Read the contract carefully before committing. Companies can verbally lure you into things like ‘interview guarantee’ and ’endless revision’. These offers can be proved void sometimes. So, do not be attracted to undue offers made by the writing service. For example, the offer of ‘endless revision’ is nothing but a lie, because, after a certain time, the resume needs to be submitted negating the chance of any further revision. To avoid these legal hazards, read the fine print.


  • Too much generalization:

A professional resume writer might have written a hundred of resumes before laying hands on yours. Therefore, a chance remains of overgeneralization. The structures of resumes are more or less the same. So, the chances are huge. However, you may not want your resume to be an average resume that does not stand out. To avoid this chance of generalization, you may ask the writer to include some personal touches that proclaim the uniqueness of your character.

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  • Chances of reviewing:

Never accept the first draft. Demand the provision of three revisions. This way, you can check and recheck the resume before the final one. Through this process of revision, your personal touch is combined with the professionalism of the resume writer and the best work arises.

These are some issues that you should probably take care of before hiring a professional resume writer.

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