Backlinks: Tried and Tested Ways to Boost Online Traffic

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Did you know that adding backlinks from relevant and credible websites can improve your business website’s online authority? It is estimated that the backlinks elude more than 20% of a site’s weight in the search engine’s algorithm. 

So, if you too want to improve your website’s online authority, here’s what you must do.

Backlinks Tried and Tested Ways to Boost Online Traffic

Link Building Strategy for your website

Link Building is considered one of the three pillars of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, along with content marketing and technical SEO. Many business owners find themselves asking questions such as, “Why do I need to build online links for the website, or how will it benefit my business in the long run?” 

Backlinks can be confusing and challenging, but it’s not always the case. We’ve gathered some valuable pointers to help elevate your strategies and their results.

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Use research and insights from a trusted and relevant source.

Before backlinking any website, it is advised to check the Domain Authority and the spam score of the website. Of course, no one wants to read content that is not dependable or trustworthy.

The relevance of the link you use in your content optimize your link profile. The search engine makes an effort to sustain the website’s online presence only when the appropriate authority link is added to your website and its content.

For example, if your content is about food and cutlery. You can link the websites of different cafes and restaurants to boost online traffic. 

Use the target keyword in the link’s anchor text

You must use a target keyword in your link’s anchor text. Avoid stuffing the keywords in your content. Study the rank of your keyword and then incorporate it to enhance the quality of the anchor text.

The experts at suggest that using different tools to confirm the anchor text’s reach and quality. It filters out the websites that use Black Hat Link Building Strategies and focuses only on the ones that build organic backlinks.   

Gain your Customer’s trust via guest blogging

As a business owner, you are already familiar with the importance of gaining your customers’ trust. 

Building quality links via guest blogging is a great way to achieve the credibility you desire for your business. However, Outreach Monks suggests that it is very important to create contributor content that is unique in its appearance. It should be reader-oriented and not just SEO oriented. 

If you are sharing your brand’s subject matter expertise on a relevant and authoritative website, it will help you strengthen your brand. You can earn referral traffic as well with the help of guest posts.

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To sum it up

Organic link building will create a genuine link profile of your business website. It won’t lead to search penalties. Instead, your website will be rewarded with long-term SEO benefits, higher traffic, and better search engine rank.

Consider building quality backlinks right away by using the aforementioned tips in this post. Get professional assistance if required.

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