How The Merging Of EAPL And JD’s China Logistics Will Impact The Chinese Logistics Industry?

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No e-commerce platform has ever been allowed to leverage the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL). They’re one of the top shipping pallet companies in the industry, and JD Logistics became the first e-commerce platform to be authorized to leverage it.

This was a strategically formed partnership based on allowing EPAL pallets to be distributed amongst partners. The distribution is to be made using JD Box to different parts of China. JD Box is a logistics transaction platform that was created by JD Logistics.

How The Merging Of EAPL And JD China Logistics Will Impact The Chinese Logistics Industry

Apart from being a transaction platform, JD Box has several other roles it plays. It will offer leasing services and assist with repair and act as an online platform for real-time information and transactions. 

The platform will be showing information relating to the sale of EPAL pallets. EPAL was founded two decades ago in 1991. It’s meant for logistics carriers, and it acts as a cooling system. It’s also responsible for the outstanding quality of load carriers they have to offer.

Currently, EPAL has over 1,500 production and repair functions licensed in over 30 countries across the world. It grants its licenses to checked producers and repairers across the globe. 

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The main goal of JD Logistics is to create the world’s best open trading platform through JD Cloud Box for exchangeable logistics containers. This is the overall commitment made by the China logistics company to create a highly sustainable supply chain.

EPAL products will take over the supply system chain as JD Cloud Box will use them as the standard logistics carriers. The products by EPAL will also be part of the cross-border logistics operations by JD logistics.

According to Jie Ji, the Head of JD Box, China will get so much closer to becoming the global smart leader in the logistics industry through the partnership with EPAL. This success is being brought about by having reliable constant access to high-quality pallets by JD Cloud Box; this plays a significant role in ensuring the supply chain ecosystem is always efficient.

The logistics company is making it much easier for Chinese companies to access EPAL Pallets during their daily operations. It also raises the China logistics industry’s standards as a whole

JD Logistics is playing an important role as a partner of EAPL. It takes credit for the success that it has attained since it started operating in the domestic pallet market industry in China. JD has always been fully committed to quality, and it has been able to make a name for itself over the years.

Being a self-made logistics network that’s top across the nation, businesses and consumers believe in it now more than ever. Through the high-quality standardized pallets by EAPL and the amount of expertise being offered by both companies can lead to a big change in the China logistics industry. was founded by Richard Liu, who is the chairman. It’s an online retailer and currently stands as China’s largest e-commerce platform from its revenue. It joined the Nasdaq in which it has been trading since 2014. The number of active customers for the online retailer is over 440 million.

The estimated revenue generated by 2019 was 577 billion Yuan, which is approximately $83.5 billion. The company was initially known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd. Richard Liu has been the chairman ever since he founded the company in 2004. He was born and raised in a small village in Jiangsu, China.

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Liu didn’t have access to different conveniences, including electricity and running water while growing up in the village with his parents, who were rice farmers.

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