3 Best PDF OCR Software

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Recognizing text in a PDF is something that you will come across regularly. When you encounter such a situation, it is important to find the best approach to follow and convert PDF to text. This is where you should be taking a look at the image to text conversion tools available out there.

While looking for an image to conversion tool, you will notice that there are multiple options available to consider.

3 PDF OCR software

Here’s a list of 3 of the best options out of them to use as of now.



2pdf.com is one of the most popular online PDF converters that you can find on the internet. It is possible for you to use this tool and do a variety of manipulations on the PDF files. Hence, you will fall in love with the overall functionality that comes on your way.

You can convert PDF, delete PDF pages, compress PDF, and even password protect PDF with the help of this tool. On top of that, you can receive assistance in converting images to text at any given time. This is a robust online PDF OCR tool that can deliver great returns to you. 

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Here are the steps that you should be following in order to use the tool and convert PDF to text. Make sure that you carefully follow these steps and get the job done.

Visit 2pdf.com 

The very first step you should follow to convert PDF to text is to visit 2pdf.com/ocr. You will be able to visit this website from any device that you can connect to the internet.

Upload the file 

Now you will be able to upload the file that you want to convert to text.

Pick the output format 

Selecting the output format is the next step that you should be following. You should select text as the output as you are trying to convert the image to text.

Convert the file and download

Once you are done with the conversion, you will be able to download it. The conversion will take place automatically and you don’t need to worry about anything as you do it.

Online Convert Free

Online Convert Free

Online Convert Free is quite a popular online file conversion tool available out there to consider. You will be able to use this tool and proceed with online PDF OCR file conversion as well.

The main reason why a lot of people prefer to use this tool is that it can deliver a straightforward operation. You will not have to go through any difficulties while you are trying to get the file conversion done. It will provide all the freedom for you to do a file conversion easily.


Another trending PCR PDF tool that you can find out there as of now is the TALKHELPER PDF Converter. This PDF to text converter will never disappoint you with the results. That’s because it can deliver a reliable file conversion process, which can cater to all the preferences that you have.

You will be able to get hold of the free trial and see how this tool works. If you are impressed with the functionality of the trial version, you can purchase the full version and use it. 

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These are the best online to text conversion tools that you can consider as of now. Go ahead and get hold of the best tool out of them.

Then you will be able to overcome the struggles that you have to face with file conversions and make sure that you end up getting maximum returns at the end of the day. 

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