5 Signs It’s Time for a New Gaming Laptop

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Are you considering purchasing a new gaming laptop? If you’ve been locked down or aren’t going out much due to COVID, there’s never been a better time to get a new computer for your own entertainment. 

However, you shouldn’t just purchase a new gaming computer for the sake of it. You’ll want to look for some good gaming laptops and search for gaming laptop deals to get the best value for your money. 

You also need to think about whether you actually need to purchase a new computer, especially if money is tight.

5 Signs Its Time for a New Gaming Laptop

Here are five signs that it’s time to invest in a new gaming laptop. 

1. It’s Too Slow

The main reason for purchasing a new gaming laptop is that your previous model is too slow. If it takes you all day to load your games, then it might be time to get a new model.

Remember that every year, games get more sophisticated but your computer does not. A laptop that you bought five years ago might easily have been able to support games from that era. But five years later, the games will be more graphically intensive and take up more memory that might slow down your computer.

You could attempt to clean your computer of unnecessary files, but this might not do the job. You might find you only have the memory to run one game at a time.

It’s worth remembering that you can prolong the life of your gaming laptop by purchasing one computer for work or downloading videos and another for gaming. By doing this, your gaming computer will always have maximum space for playing games. 

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2. It’s Old

Not all old computers are necessarily bad. Some people swear by their early 2000s Macbooks that still work a dream. 

But those people never really used their computers for anything other than basic computing tasks like Microsoft Word or emails. With gaming computers, it’s a different story.

To truly enjoy your games, you will want to make sure you are working with the most powerful graphics on the market at the moment. You also need to find a machine with the processing power to run your games. 

Start by looking at the descriptions for the games you are running and compare those to your current machine.

When to Buy

Ideally, you want to purchase a machine with better specifications than those listed on the back of the packages for your favorite games. This way, your machine doesn’t come under any pressure and can run them easily. 

You need to think about longer than just the next year when you purchase a machine. You also need to consider what technology will be like in the next few years.

Are you eyeing a machine that has minor upgrades from the previous year but you anticipate that the next year your favorite brand will bring out a new model with a radically different technology? If so, you might want to hold off and wait for this. 

3. You Can’t Upgrade to the Latest OS

An operating system is integral to your computer. If you can’t upgrade it because Microsoft, Apple, or Google have discontinued their support for it, then generally this means it’s time to upgrade. 

You will no longer have the support of the company or malware protection programs as they won’t be making them anymore for your model.  Games are graphically very intensive and require a huge amount of computing power.

If you have invested so much money in your computer, then you want that support going forward. 

You can usually anticipate when a company will discontinue support for their operating system by checking what the last operating system was that they stopped supporting. 

Windows 10 is the current model and Microsoft has confirmed that they will not be upgrading it to Windows 11 anytime soon. Instead, they will work on smaller incremental upgrades every year as Apple does.

Pay close attention to how many years left of these incremental upgrades you are eligible for before you can no longer upgrade. 

Older operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 are notoriously patchy. If you can’t upgrade beyond these on your current machine, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

4. You’re Earning More Money

Many people have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus (COVID). But for some lucky people, COVID has allowed them to take advantage of the new online world.

They have managed to pivot and have seen their incomes skyrocket. If this is you, then you might have a lot more disposable income. This means you can afford to buy a new gaming laptop.

Be sure to be realistic about what you can afford. The best gaming laptops can set you back $1,000 but there are even more luxurious models that can go up to $5,000. Equally, you will find budget gaming laptops for cheaper than this.

Be sure to check out lenovo.com for some great deals to suit your budget, big or small. 

You need to set a budget and you then decide at what point spending any more money becomes pointless. Once you have a high-resolution screen and an intensive graphics card, any upgrades can be expensive for minor improvements that you don’t even recognize. 

Also, remember that money doesn’t always buy you the best machine. You need to think about your specific gaming needs when purchasing good gaming laptops. 

Expert Advice 

You may need to take some expert advice if you don’t know much about gaming laptops. Just doing a Google search might bring up some good results, but some companies that know their stuff have mastered their SEO rankings

Instead, think about someone you know who might be able to help you or who understands computers. Do you have friends who also game on laptops? Or, do you have someone you’ve befriended in the gaming community who can advise you?

Perhaps you can ask them what computer they have and why? Crucially, how does it perform when playing the games you want to play? They should be able to give you an honest answer. 

5. A Specific Game You Want to Play

Is there new gaming coming out in the next few months that you are desperate to play? Perhaps you’re eagerly awaiting the new Grand Theft Auto V or an upgrade to The Sims.

Either way, you want to be able to enjoy your game in peace and not have to worry about your computer crashing or running slow. Buying a new gaming laptop in time for the release of the game you are waiting for can be a worthy investment. 

Wait until close to the release date of the game you want so that you have the best machine possible. See if you can do a deal with the retailer and ask if you can have a discount on the game you want when you purchase your gaming laptop. 

If you are attending the midnight launch of your favorite game, then be sure to see if you can pick up both the new gaming laptop and the game on the same evening. You will feel excited to be able to play your new game on a new machine.

Selling Your Older Machine

Remember, if you’ve upgraded to have a better experience with a specific new game, your old gaming laptop might still be worth something and it may still play older games perfectly.

You can sell it for a price, as it might be useful to some users who are content to play older games or who want to repurpose the laptop for general world processing or work.

You could even get a higher price for it if you leave your older downloaded games on the system ready for new users to play as soon as you hand them over. 

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Buying a New Gaming Laptop Can Be Great If You Can Afford It

Buying a new gaming laptop can completely change your gaming experience. If your old gaming laptop is slowing down and you can’t upgrade it to the latest operating system, then now is the perfect time to upgrade it.

Yet, remember that you don’t want to go into debt buying an all-powerful machine that you might not even need. 

Be sure to consider your needs and the types of games you want to play on your machine before you make your purchase.

If you are interested in learning more about buying a new gaming laptop or the best gaming laptop deals, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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