Smart Relationships: Main Trends in AI in the Coming Years

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So far, artificial intelligence is at the first stages of its development, but it is already used in many areas starting with digital transformation, medicine, traffic, smart homes, and so on. Experts of many professional publications have shared their views on the main courses of AI which will become crucial in the coming years.


1. Deepfake

You can already find a video where the Deepfake is almost indistinguishable from a real video. What is the likelihood that soon we will no longer be able to say with certainty what is genuine and what is not? The important thing is that technology can be used to spread any kind of misinformation, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about politics or some corporate issues. After all, there are a lot of cases when people used the benefits given to them for other purposes, for example, to make a girl jealous. Therefore, fear is justified.

2. Digital Health

In many countries, the phrase “digital health” is not a dead letter, but a lifestyle. In 2020, over a hundred exhibits were presented at CES, which included technologies for monitoring the health of kids and their parents as well as for restoring normal sleep. The growth of AI and the 5G network will contribute to the fact that doctors will have great access to real-time video and data that will facilitate the monitoring of patients’ health.

3. Chatbots will manage the Business

Of course, this technology is already being used. However, the point is that chatbots will start controlling absolutely everything. These programs have long been used on the sites of various online stores and communities. Forbes experts believe that in 2020, the presence of a chatbot is an indispensable condition for almost any e-commerce platform. Unlike employee-operators, the chatbot is available around the clock and helps retain customers better by answering their questions.

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4. FRS will become a common thing

The face recognition system is one of the key trends in AI in 2020. SRS technology is used by safety authorities, private organizations and even in the life of an ordinary person (screen unlock, for example). In 2020, the face recognition system will reach a new level and will be used more often to track and define the location of people. Programs that can identify a passer-by by analyzing their gait and heartbeat have been already developed.

5. “Smart” text will become available on your laptop

Predictive text is already being tested. Thus, soon it will become available not only on smartphones but also on laptops. The predictive text feature can help speed up typing of texts and more. This will be a real catch for people with physical disabilities who have difficulty writing messages. It is not known how exactly this function will develop, but it seems that “smart” text input will very soon become a common and useful part of our life.

6. Ethical aspects will become crucial during AI development

Nowadays, AI developers are forced to pay special attention to the ethical aspects of the process. Thus, the so-called ethical framework is of great importance for the development of artificial intelligence since it will

help realize how users should apply their creations and develop them. Besides, they want to understand how artificial intelligence should not be used.

7. AI will be actively used in computer graphics

In new games and films, we will see the active use of artificial intelligence in graphics. AI will help create photorealistic effects. For example, the creation of characters that look as natural as possible. Creating appearance, color shades and much more on the screen from nothing is no easy task.

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This creative process requires not only experience but also perseverance and patience. Artificial intelligence can cope with these tasks faster, without killing a single “nerve cell.” Some developers use AI to create faster and cheaper methods of rendering graphics at the level of hyperrealism.

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