A Social Media Audit Guide for You

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Once on a while, it is important to take a look at the performance of your business’ profile across various social media platforms to find out how they have been performing. If you have been creating profiles on every website that you come across, it is likely that you have forgotten about some of them.

Social Media Audit Guide for Noobies

Because of that, you need to take stock of your activities and understand where you have come from. In addition to that, you will know the profiles that have been bringing you more business and those that have stagnated. To be successful in these tasks you need to know about the following aspects.

Start by Locating All Profiles

Your first step when carrying out a social media audit is to locate all profiles. Look back at the times when the business started and find out the sites that it has used to teach the current status. Most likely, there will be many that have fallen off the radar because you perceived them to be less useful.

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This is the time to evaluate if some of those sites are still useful. You may also want to know how these sites were used and the impressions that they made on customers. You may be also want to find out if there are websites that you used but they have ceased to exist.

Record All Information

You need to have the records of all the information that you find after locating all social media accounts. It will be good if you create a spreadsheet that indicates the statistics on all these sites. For example, you should indicate how many followers the accounts had and how many were active.

You may also want to know if anybody them was active on multiple accounts and if they are still following you on current accounts. By so doing, you will know the active followers that have since ceased to be with you, and so, you will know how to find reasons behind such developments.

Check for Profile Completion

Another important aspect of a social media audit is checking how the profiles were completed. Sometimes, businesses create profiles on a website but abandon it because of various reasons. Maybe, you thought that they are no longer the right fit or better options came up. Another possibility could be that you lacked the time to work on them. This is the time when you should be asking if completion would have had any impact on the business. You may also want to know if completing the profiles now can change your business for the better.

Look For Consistency and Deviations

The main purpose a business creates a social media profile using social media tools, is to enhance its online presence and ensure that they get more leads. Because of that, they have to be consistent in the way they use the websites, but that is not always the case. In a social media audit, you should be looking for the accounts that have been consistent and those that have not. It is with the aim of completing the profiles so that they contribute that contribute to the success of the business. It is also important to look for deviations because it could also be the reason some profiles are under performing.

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After going through all these steps, you need to use the gathered information to set goals that will take the business to another level. It will be better if you also come unwittingly a social media strategy that determines how the profiles will be managed. If you do that, the social media audit will have yielded the desired results and you will notice a major shift in then leads that you get from tour numerous profiles.

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